4th of July Fireworks Craft

After another craft fail, I needed to do something fast using all the supplies we already had out with the paint.  My girls were not going to move on from the craft fail unless we did something else right away. I found a nice easy Patriotic painting craft courtesy of Crafts~N~Things for Children blog. Google is my friend. A nice red, white and blue American craft.

These are nice since we may not see 'real' fireworks on the 4th of July. We live in the desert and sometimes due to extreme fire dangers they have to cancel them.
4th of July Firework Craft
Fairly simple since we only needed the three Ps:
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
Pipe cleaners for Patriotic Craft
Pipe Cleaners. They can be any color.
1. Cut the pipe cleaners to create what the girls first thought looked like a flower. Once they had it twisted and laid out the way they wanted them, they accepted they were fireworks.

Pipe Cleaner Firework
A Firework with a handle.
2. Dip the firework into the paint. Place more paint on with a brush if you want a fuller look.

dipping firework craft into the paint
Adding paint to the firework.
3. Stamp the paint coated piper cleaner onto the paper.
painted fireworks craft
Painted firework print on paper.
4. Repeat # 2 & #3 for each color.

When stamping down the pipe cleaner firework my girls wanted it thicker so they pressed with their fingers. You can see finger smudge and smear marks on the paper. If you want to avoid that, use a stick instead.
pipe cleaner firework for painting
Fireworks stamp painted for the holiday.

stamp painted pipe cleaner holiday fireworks craft
Stamp painted firework on black background.
Once they were done with the pipe cleaner fireworks, they moved onto painting all kinds of things red, white and blue. There were the small boxes, small cardboard left over from the boxes, and the paper plates themselves.
holiday craft memorial day fireworks flag homemade
Red, white and blue everywhere!
After the paint stamped fireworks were dry, the girls decided they needed to add glitter glue. Where would fireworks be without glitter glue? After that, they declared they were done.
pipe cleaner painted craft 4th of July fireworks
Fireworks with the glitter glue touch.
Have a wonderful Day of Independence celebrating the 4th of July!