In The Beginning

My husband and a good friend, Amanda, helped create my blog title. He suggested Passive Crafter, Disaster Crafter and decided that The Bow Master was the one, but I do more than bows. I also wouldn’t call me a ‘Master’ of any craft. Amanda, who I consider a Master Crafter, is the one who helped me go with the current title.

My first e-mail address back in 1993 was ruready1st. My account on Twitter is ruready1st and I have used it on several message boards and forums. I guess that is the best way to explain why this blog is RUReady2Craft.

In the beginning, I accidentally started doing crafts. I actually have another blog for me to be me, An Obsessed Analyst. My first posts came directly from that site. I started this blog to let me focus on my latest obsession, crafts. I may just have to break down and admit I can craft. I may have some latent artistic talent?

I am the mother of two beautiful little girls who deserve the best. They have artistic inclinations. What I see as a mess, they see as creating art. Both girls are strong visual spatial learners. While homeschooling them as a kindergartner and pre-schooler I discovered that arts and crafts were their favorite subject. It was the one activity that they would choose over television and video games.

Now the issue is that I do not really consider myself artistic. I love to shop, talk, spend money, read, research things on the internet, and did I mention shop.

When I moved to Tucson, Arizona I was introduced to the craft of making jewelry with beads. Tucson has the best supply of inexpensive high quality beads during the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show. I made my own necklaces and bracelets. I actually quit doing it when we had our first child. I was petrified that I would misplace a bead and she would choke. I gave all my beads away to a family member.

Some necklaces I made over 7 years ago. Left: faux freshwater pearls, Middle: natural Rubies & Swarovski Crystal, and glass beads necklaces.
I never saw the jewelry I made as being into crafts. I thought of it more of an economical choice since I adore jewelry that coordinates with my wardrobe. It was more cost effective to make my own to feed my need. I didn't think my creations were very unique either, just creations that matched my outfits. When I quit I actually had a huge supply of choices and didn't really need anymore. I had run out of jewelry box space.

Then we had two little girls. At first our crafts were fairly simple without much imagination required. There were Moms in Tucson that were incredibly clever making their children clothes, hats, and bows. I admired their talent, but it didn't seem realistic for me to do.

Then I met some Moms in Las Vegas. They were crafters. They had stamps, Cricuts, beads, hand print art, handmade jewelry (not beaded) and projects that were so creative. I saw the fruits of their labor, much of it they did with their children as a part of their homeschool experience. I felt inspired and started doing little things too. I never imagined my girls favorite thing to hear someone say is, "Are you ready to craft?" The real kicker was when my babysitter started doing crafts with the kids with all the supplies I would leave out. When I would ask her where she got the idea, she would say she looked it up on the internet.

The revelation that I could copy other people’s genius from the internet was born. I let the craft monster loose in the house. First the Cricut, then the lunch bag animals, and then bows. Right now I am stuck on bows. I hope to add jewelry too. I may just turn into a master crafter!

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