Father's Day Craft - Love You...

This was a fun and easy craft for Hey and Myrrh. 10 Easy Steps. I saw this on Day in My Life blog and thought it was great for a Father's Day gift to send to Papa. Being that he is all the way across the country, this could be like a hug sent to him. Plus, I didn't really plan anything in advance and was able to do this on a whim since I had all the supplies on hand.

Materials List:
Card Stock Paper - Child's color choice
Stickers and/or Stamps for the letters

Step 1.  Trace both hands onto colored card stock paper.

Step 2.  Cut the hands out of the card stock.

Step 3.  Erase the pencil marks from the hand after it is cut.

Step 4.  Write, stick, or glue the words "I Love You..." on one side of one hand. On card stock, I cut out the words with my Cricut using the Jubilee Celebration Font Cartridge. The girls glued it onto the hand.

Step 5.  Cut 2 strips of card stock paper, the same size/width. Ours were the length of the paper, 11 inches. The width of our strips were 1 1/2 inch. Your strips may vary depending on the size of your letters and/or your child's hand.  

Step 6.  Glue the two strips together, end to end, making it approx. 21 inches long since you have to overlap the ends to glue together. You can make it as long as you want.

Step 7.  Fold the long strip, accordion style.

Step 8.  Place a letter in each fold. "T h i s   M u c h".  Leave enough space at the ends to allow the strip to be attached to each hand and still show when extended out.

Step 9. Glue a hand at each end. Be sure that when folded together the "Love You..." can be on top of the accordion folded center paper showing the "This Much".

Step 10. On the back of the hand write whose hands they are and the year. We wrote: Handmade for you from Hey, Happy Father's Day 2012.

Lessons learned:
1. Do not use foam letters if you are sending this through the mail. It created a thick bulky card. Next time I will let the girls stamp letters, or use flat stickers.
2. I would pay attention to what direction the child glues the hands to the strip, so that folded all together the thumbs and fingers line up.

This actually would be a great card/gift for anyone for any holiday like a Birthday, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

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