Veritable Boredom Solution Bug Craft

Last week Hey and Myrrh were going each morning to Vacation Bible School, also known as Veritable Boredom Solution. An awesome inexpensive way to occupy my children during the summer. This one is 8:30 AM to noon. Granted it isn't the whole day, but for $15 per child (includes a t-shirt and snack) I think it is a great price for a 1/2 day camp. The theme was BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God. My girls like bugs as long as they aren't loose in the house. Well, you can put it in a box or plastic cup, that's different. I say, "No bugs in the house unless they are dead!"
Myrrh's Bug Headband Craft
Anywho, it has been a very nice week for us at VBS. They have come home each day with a Bug Zone themed activity book. There are cute bug related jokes too that the girls love. What does a bumble bee say when it flies backwards? Zub Zub. Anywho, they were doing a performance on stage. They wanted to have antennae like many of the VBS team leaders and helpers have been wearing each day. An easy craft project is born. I didn't look it up or watch a video! Figured I could just do it on the fly.

Supplies Needed:

Pipe Cleaners
Firm U shaped Headband
Optional: Pom Poms. FYI: I don't know of any arthropods that have balls on the end of their antenna. The girls didn't care, they liked the way they look.

Note to self: If you have pipe cleaners, pom poms and a glue gun on hand, you might be a crafter, just sayin'.

Making Bug Antennae Headband Craft
Ideally you will want to let the kids pick the headband, pipe cleaners and pom poms they want. They are more likely to wear their own creation.

1. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it tightly around the top of the headband.

Suggestion: Be sure to start wrapping with the end on the top of the headband. This helps keep the pointy end of a pipe cleaner from poking your child's head.

2. With the 2nd pipe cleaner repeat # 1.

Suggestion: Wrap it the same amount of times, trying to make sure that both are the same length.

3. Place a dab of glue on the top of the pipe cleaner, the one furthest from the headband.

Suggestion: The hot glue gun came in handy and was fast. I have tried letting the kids use regular school glue, tacky clue, etc... for pom poms and pipe cleaners. It doesn't work well and can take forever to stick.

4. Squeeze the pom pom onto the tip top of the pipe cleaner. Hold it a few seconds until it feels secure.

5. Let the child to shape (re-shape) their antennae once the glue is dry, they are now good to go.

Optional: One of the headbands was slippery plastic. I hot glued either end and in between the antennae on the headband to keep it from sliding.

Optional Suggestion: You could use color coordinated rubber/hair bands on either end of the wrapped pipe cleaner for similar results, depends on how picky your child is about how it looks.

The girls were thrilled with their creation. It was a fun quick craft that they felt successful about and wore with pride.

Wearing their bug craft creations while enjoying VBS workbook.

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