Another Craft Failure

Sometimes I wonder where is my common sense. I wanted to do a fun holiday craft with my girls. I saw this neat banner on Country Living and thought, "Oh, we could do a variation of that for our craft."
Craft banner from country living
Banner craft from Country Living website.
For a very novice craft person (yes, I said it) little warnings should have gone off when I thought 'variation'.
Rosettes for the banner from County Living.
Here was my erroneous thinking. We would dip newspaper into paint to create a red, white and blue type fan flower. See, if you are a 'crafter' you already know where this is going.

What made me think that water based paint would work on paper? Now that I think about it, wet newspaper is a disaster unless you are making paper mache. I clearly hadn't thought it through.

All the paint did was make wet newspaper.

I put them out in the hot sun to dry. I was still delusional enough to think maybe when they dried it would look better.

It just turned out to be a mess as I tried to create the 'fan'.  Another craft fail. I have got to stick with what I know. If I am going to try to be original then I need to try it out before I sit down with the kids to do it. My girls were not impressed. They wanted to paint and they wanted to paint now. I was able to find them something quickly. It saved the day. See my next post for the 4th of July craft that succeeded. Until next time, may all your crafts work out better than mine.

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