Do You Need a Break?

Totally copying this from my other blog. It applies just the same.

I am trying to be as "Hands Free" as possible this week. I am taking the lead from Hands Free Mama. Her blog has really awakened me to the lost moments of childhood due to my distractions.

Hands Free Mama blog
Best Mom Blog Ever!
My girls will be starting school on Monday. Once they are in school, it will be hectic, but we will have a set schedule. We work much better with a strict schedule. Although, we spent many weeks of the summer in camps or VBS, there were plenty of days to seek opportunities for fun. I do look forward to a consistent schedule week after week. It will provide better organization, but I will mourn what we didn't have time to do before the start of school.

I will only be online after they are in bed, or before they wake up. That is only enough time to check e-mails and Facebook. I won't be able to blog anytime soon. It will be after July 17th for sure.

I will be on Facebook. Have you liked my page yet? RUReady2Craft, Check it out. Be sure to see the other cool crafts I find from other sites.

Have a great summer break. If you have children or not, enjoy the moments you have with other people. Focus on relationships without distractions.

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