Dollar Store Craft - Luau Flower Hair Bow

A dollar store can be a great place to get inspiration and find supplies. My girls always notice when the Luau party items are in season. They are not allowed to wear jewelry at school so I think they want fancy hair accessories instead.  Myrrh has been requesting more flowers. I picked up some luau flower necklaces at the dollar store and created some great hair bows. What I like about them is that not only are they inexpensive, but an easy craft too. When looking at the finished product, I feel it was rewarding to make them. It is a fashion that will get you noticed.

easy flower hair bow craft hair accessory
Handmade Luau Flower Bow

Luau/Lei of flowers                                  $ 1.00
Foam or felt circle for back piece           < $  .25
Hair clip of choice                                  < $   .40
Embellishment of choice for the center  < $1.00
Glue (hot glue gun)

luau flower hair bow craft
Luau Flowers from Dollar Tree.
Step 1. Cut the string of the Lei necklace. Take the flower petals off the string.

luau flower petals for hair bow craft
Lei cut apart and flower petals separated.
Step 2. Use your center piece of material to attach the flower petals to. I use foamies I got on clearance. I have found them very useful.

luau flower hair bow craft
Foam center used to attach flower petals.
Step 3. Attach (I use a hot glue gun) one petal at a time layering them one on top of the other. When you layer them try to keep them centered, but alternate the petals for a fuller look. Be careful if you are using a hot glue gun. The flower material is incredibly flimsy and porous. The glue goes through easily. I used the end of a wooden dowel to press the petal down on top of the center while the glue was hot.
luau flower petal dollar store hair bow craft
Layers of luau flower petals with glue in the center.
Bottom view of luau flower petals attached to center piece.
Step 4.  Once you have done enough layers to achieve the look you want, attach your choice of embellishment to the center.
luau flower petals with embellishment for hair bow craft
Butterfly embellishment in the center of luau flowers.
luau flower petals with embellishment for hair bow craft
Different ideas for center embellishments.
Step 5. Attach your choice of hair clip to the back of the center piece.

luau flower petals attached to hair clip
Luau flower attached to hair clip for a beautiful bow.
These are so easy to make that I can do several at one session of sitting doing crafts. I can make 6 of these in the same time it takes me to make one Gardenia Flower Hair Bow.

Shades of pink flower center in luau flower petal hair bow
Shades of pink flower center in luau flower petal hair bow.

Purple Butterfly Luau Flower Hair Bow
Purple butterfly luau flower hair bow
I let the girls pick out the center embellishments they want. These bows will be a great addition to their collection of hair accessories. Their wardrobes have plentiful supplies of purple and pink outfits. 

Pink cake Luau Flower Hair Bow
Pink cake luau flower hair bow
Dollar store luau flower petal hair clip bows
I made these all in one craft session.

Handmade beautiful luau flower petal hair bows
Handmade beautiful luau flower petal hair bows.
These look fabulous in the hair. I think the next time I am in the dollar store I will pick up some different colors of the luau flower necklaces.

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  1. Super cute and great idea!! Thx!

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  3. Very adorable! Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party.

  4. What little girl wouldn't love these!!! So, very pretty. Thanks for sharing how you made them.

  5. We are way into hair flowers right now in our house, but with 2 girls they are expensive to buy. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

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  7. These flower-hair-bows are so pretty!
    Wonderful idea and beautiful result!

    I wouldn't mind wearing it myself :)

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  13. So cute! Love the little embellishments.

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  15. HI how many petals do you usually use in one flower?

    1. I honestly did it by look and it varied. I would say at least 6 petals, sometimes more.