Beautiful Butterfly Hair Clip Accessories

I have had a great time finding easy ways to make unique hair accessories. I not only found the crochet flowers, I also found these butterfly appliques. I am loving eBay for super easy ways to create beautiful and adorable hair clips. You can find these great appliques to use by looking on eBay for sewing craft items. The particular store I have ordered the crochet flowers and now these butterflys, carries tons of cute appliques. There are ladybugs, flowers, crowns, hearts, dogs, teddy bears, and many more. I could have spent a fortune.   I got 50 padded sparkling 2 layer butterfly appliques. It cost me about 16 cents per butterfly including the cost of shipping.
Hair clip of choice covered with grosgrain ribbon of choice
Butterfly appliques
Start with the foundation of a nice color coordinating covered hair clip.

Sparkling butterfly applique hair accessory
Bag of 2 layer sparkling butterfly applique to attach to hair clip.
Sparkling butterfly applique hair accessory
Padded 2 layer sparkling butterfly applique to attach to hair clip.
Place some glue on the back of the butterfly, the felt side, and press it onto a hair clip. Voila, an adorable butterfly hair clip. The one tip I will offer is that on the alligator style clips that I use you have to think about placement. If you want a set or pair to be used together, say on pig tails, you want one to face one way and the other in a different direction. Otherwise you end up with one upside down butterfly when you place it in the hair. Does that make sense?

I make them so that when I slide them into each side of the hair, the butterfly is right side up. Most of my hair clips don't have a right side. They are usually able to be used either way. Be sure to test it and see which side up you want it.

These provide some more great choices to coordinate with a little girls wardrobe. With the volume of clips my girls now have, I am going to look at some different display and storage options.
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  1. Those butterflies are adorable, Leslie!