Crochet Flower Hair Clip Bows

It isn't easy being original when creating hair accessories. I was proud of my Gardenia and Luau Flower Bows, but it seemed the end of my originality. I wanted more beauties, but not have to spend to much money or drive myself crazy trying to be original. After a good tip from a friend, I have discovered you can buy almost anything you want on eBay. I found what I needed to feed my desire for my beautiful hair accessories.

Under sewing crafts on eBay I found a nice source for my hair accessories. I ordered some items and didn't wait long. They arrived quickly. Let the fun begin. I started with the Handmade Crochet Flower Appliques. I had gotten two different kinds. The solid 2 layer crochet flower appliques that are approximately 1 1/4 inch in size (costs 18 cents each) and the two tone that are about 1 1/2 inch large (38 cents each). The costs included what I spent for shipping. Shop around, you may find a better deal, especially if you are willing to wait longer for shipping.

DIY embellished Crochet Hair Clip
Embellished 2 Layer Crochet Flower Hair Clips
Handmade Crochet Flower Appliques
Hair Clip lined with some 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon
Hot Glue
Embellishment of choice
embellished crochet applique on lined hair clips craft
Crochet appliques to apply to lined clips
Attach a crochet flower applique to a complementary covered and lined hair clip. I used hot glue. I use lots of hot glue. I end up cleaning up strings and clumps for days and again when I go to place it in my daughters hair. I have never had one fall apart from a lack of glue! You can leave it plain or attach your favorite embellishment to the center.

DIY embellished 2 layer purple crochet applique on lined hair clip
2 layer crochet attached to lined hair clips with embellishment of my choice

crochet flower hair bow craft with bling
Completed project. Embellished crochet flower hair bows.
Voila! You now have your own creation.

two layer two tone crochet flower on lined hair clip
2 tone 2 layer crochet applique. Left the purple ones plain.
I am quite pleased with myself. I was able to make some really cute colorful hair accessories for less than I would pay if I bought the completed clips on Etsy or eBay.

DIY embellished two tone two layer crochet flower hair bow
Two tone, two layer crochet flower with my added bling.
You can make these to coordinate with any wardrobe. It is so great to have so many choices for hair accessories. I don't think there is an outfit that doesn't match at least one of the bows I have made! For the price of what one set of hair bows would normally cost me, my daughters have 5-10 to choose instead. Wait until you see what else I found and made!

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