Chef or Artist Beret or Genie Costume Hats for Fun!

This project originated from Myrrh's teacher.  A really cute chef hat. They played a math game at school called, Order Up. It sounded fun. Her favorite part was the hat of course. The band was made of only 1 piece of paper, probably poster board. We only had regular 8 1/2 X 11 card stock paper. Have you ever wondered why that is the standard size? I didn't want to have that much stapled paper around their heads. Plus, there would be to many seams. 

baker chef genie hat costume
Order Up Hat from School
Since I didn't have a strip of paper long enough to go around the circumference of the girls' heads we had to improvise. Hey suggested we use ribbon. It was actually an interesting idea, but I don't have ribbon that wide or did I? I remember we had some Christmas ribbon that we used for making bows on presents. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. The girls thought it was awesome since it sparkled.

You use gift wrap tissue paper for the top puffy part of the hat. We had white, but the girls decided they wanted colored paper.

diy tissue paper check baker hat
Supplies along with the sample to follow.

We started by measuring out the length of ribbon needed for the band of the hat.

craft ribbon head band part of chef baker hat
Head band of hat.
Next you take the tissue paper and tape two of the corners to the inside of the band. Tape one corner and then the other on the opposite side of the headband. Then you gather or wrinkle up little sections and tape them to the inside of the hat band. We tried to use Scotch tape. As I suspected would happen, it didn't stick well. We switched to packing tape. It is the kind you don't have to use with scissors.

Attach tissue paper to inside of head band

Hey in her beret artist hat.

diy french beret artist costume hat
Chef/Baker hat flattened makes a cool artist beret.
chef baker hat dress up costume
With the hat, it is a complete chef/baker costume.
The girls really enjoyed making something they could wear. You could see the pride in their eyes. It would be nice if they would decide what they are actually going to wear for costumes. They seem to change their minds on a daily basis.
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  1. Love the choice for the headbands :)

  2. When one can be so very creative with a headband and tissue paper -- I understand why they are considering many different possibilities for costumes. Really cute -- and the little one is just glowing! thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!