Glass Jar Turkey Decoration

Using the same glass jars we used for our pumpkins we created turkeys for Thanksgiving. We removed the orange and green paper, the black noses and mouths. We then created tail feathers using scrapbook paper. I solved the glue problem by using Beacon's 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue that I got at Michaels. The kids call it snot glue. It is thick, but gooey and stringy. It does stick to everything so far.
glass jar handcrafted into a Thanksgiving turkey
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Before they become turkeys. They looked scared!
steps for a handcrafted thanksgiving turkey jar
Supplies, including the Snot Glue.
Using the scrap paper was Hey's idea. Personally I thought using the traditional red, yellow, and orange tail feathers would look great. The girls wanted them to look like real feathers and thought the patterns on the scrapbook paper was the best choice. Little did I know that meant lots of different paper. 
We used the orange and green paper from the pumpkins to guide the size of the brown paper for inside the jars.
Using the paper from the Pumpkin to size the paper for the inside of the Turkey Jar. 
creating template for turkey feathers
The tracing of feathers from the template to be cut out. 
I took a chance and did one feather template free hand. I must have done 10 of them before we came up with a general consensus on the one we liked. We then used it to trace others onto the scrap paper. I think the feathers came out okay.
creating feathers for thanksgiving turkey jar
Tracing the hard way.
I had to tell Hey it was easier to trace it on the white side of the paper. Myrrh wanted all peacock feathers despite my discouragement. It doesn't look like a turkey to me. It looks like a peacock! Oh well, it is one of my areas of growth. Letting go and allowing my children to direct what they see as art. They are cute no matter what they may or may not look like.
Using the snot glue to attach the feathers to the jar.
I will claim credit for the yellow foam feet since that was my idea. The top hat and red scarf were again Hey's idea. She thinks that makes it a decorative turkey.
The top hat was a challenge. Hey stapled the circle of the hat. Then she taped the top from the inside. It doesn't look good from the inside, but it works all the same from the outside.
Taping the top of the hat.
Finished hat. See you barely can see the mess.
The beaks and red gobble neck on one of the turkeys were cut from vinyl type shape stickers that we had.
Completed set of Thanksgiving Turkey Jars.
turkey decoration for thanksgiving
Turkey with a gobble.
The snot glue was very helpful this time keeping the tail feathers attached to the jar and the red scarf. Just think if we had discovered how good the snot glue was to begin with, we may never have gotten the pumpkin jars that we are able to transition for every holiday. Wait until you see the Christmas jars! 
Until then, happy crafting.
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  1. Too cute! They would make perfect peacock crafts too - the feathers are perfect for it :)