RV Ready - Crafting Future Unknown

You’re doing what? Moving into an RV full-time!

We had casually talked about moving into an RV when we retired. A few years ago we discussed spending one year touring the US while we homeschool the girls before they hit high school. It always seemed hypothetical to me. We have been homeschooling continuously now since October, 2012.

Through one of my homeschool Facebook groups, I found out about the World’s Best Roadschool Convention coming to Tucson, AZ. http://fulltimefamilies.com/family-reunions/2014-worlds-best-roadschool-convention-tucson-az/ I thought it would be a fun way to investigate this alternative way of homeschooling. Before it started, I read many blogs about families that live on the road full time. At the same time we were starting to feel restless and needing to move out of our current home.

Being prior military, I don’t think we have ever lived in a home more than 3 years. We had been living here since December 2011 and the floor plan does not suit our lifestyle. We have no extra space for school stuff or crafts. All our school books and supplies end up on the extra freezer and dining room table. The carpet needs replaced and the walls haven’t been painted in 7 years (painted last week). Plus, we can’t seem to grow much in our garden other than pumpkins. Anywho, we both felt God wanted us to move, but we didn’t know where. We didn’t feel led to any particular place. The Roadschool Convention started and I knew this was God’s plan. It was just like He brought homeschooling to us. After the first day I knew we would be roadschooling too, eventually. Both our daughters are keen on the idea too. We have so many reasons for going.

We want to get out of our current home. I would like to simplify our life by having less stuff. I cannot wait to be free from 90% of our stuff. We want to travel and see many sites around the United States as well as visit family and friends. We want to spend time together as a family. We want to be able to focus on being a family without the clutter of stuff. I am looking forward to only having to clean approximately 300 square feet as opposed to 1900! In a way we are going on the road after retirement. NASA spent exactly 20 years in the Air Force and we have his retirement income to rely on for our basic needs. We can pick up extra jobs here and there to supplement our desires like going to Disney World or taking a cruise.

Since the layout of our home was barely conducive to homeschooling, we didn't do many craft projects either. Living in our RV is certainly going to present many of the same challenges space wise. I am bringing a minimum amount of craft supplies. It remains to be seen if we make the time to actually do any crafts. I am hoping that with simplifying our lives that we will make the time. I will at least try to blog more. Stay tuned for our new adventure. Maybe we will see you on the road too!

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